A Wonderful Change from the Classroom

A photograph of high school students visiting Wonder World Glasgow
The marketers of tomorrow!

Business Studies students from St John Ogilvie High School visited Wonder World Soft Play in Glasgow as part of an educational school trip linked to businesses. This was to aid their 3rd-year studies with a chance to experience a local business, and better understand how they operate. The class had been given the assignment to make recommendations for the marketing of Wonder World based on their experience at the venue.

One pupil at St John’s Ogilvie said;

We went on a trip to Wonder World to help us with our business project and to be able to see a live successful business in motion.

Wonder World Glasgow is one of four large soft play sites run by the Wonder World Group. The group also own several child-friendly apps and a YouTube Channel that makes and shares videos for children. All of these resources give children a safe environment in which they can learn while they have fun. Wonder World is committed to helping and engaging with the local community in a positive manner, and they welcomed the chance to demonstrate their business model to the students.

The visits took place in the morning when Wonder World was quiet enough that the students could be given a full tour of the site. They were each given a checklist, of things to keep an eye out for around the site. The tour was led by the marketing manager and students were able to ask questions of the staff to better understand the business.

Another St John’s Ogilvie pupil said;

We also got introduced to the marketing manager called Tari Robertson, she was very kind and gave us a great tour. She also talked to us about what she does within the business. We really enjoyed it.

The tour was followed by a presentation from the Wonder World marketing department, who gave a brief talk on general business and marketing practices. Students also got a better understanding of the Wonder World Group and their specific marketing activities and objectives. There was another chance for follow up questions and answers before they completed a challenge set to them by the members of the marketing staff, who were on hand to give advice and help if needed. The task included designing and producing mock billboard advertisements, based on real promotions and information from Wonder World, to show how the students felt the venues marketing needs could be met.

Miss Hazel Macleod, Business Teacher, St John’s Ogilvie said:

It was fantastic to be able to bring the students into a real business environment. It can be a challenge for the school to find businesses to work with on assignments, but we find that it really enhances their overall learning when we can. My class loved it!

Students then enjoyed lunch at the Wonder World café, which was followed by a presentation from the party’s team at Wonder World Glasgow. Children’s birthday parties are an important part of Wonder World, for both the staff and visitors, and it was a great opportunity for the students to understand how services can help a business become successful.

Tari Robertson, Head of Marketing, Wonder World Group said:

Working with students from St John Ogilvie is great, we get to aid their academic studies and it’s really encouraging to see such bright youngsters and how enthusiastic they are about their work. At Wonder World, we’re used to engaging with younger children and their families, so working with high school students was an exciting change.

The visits were extremely beneficial for the students at St John Ogilvie High School as well as the Wonder World Group. The students were able to support their classroom knowledge with exposure to a successful business and work towards passing their class. Wonder World was able to work closely with the local community, as well as share useful business and marketing knowledge to students who are eager to learn.